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A project management tool for smaller businesses

Flowmotor does allow teams of over 50, but it is more suited for smaller businesses with nine or fewer staff members. The tool itself is a project management program. The chief administrator creates a number of tasks and places them into a schedule. The tasks are undertaken by staff members who record their progress via the project management tool.

Suitable for smaller teams

Flowmotor is suitable for smaller teams because it is a very expensive program, and because the interface becomes a little more confusing if more than a handful of tasks are added to it. After each task is scheduled, the administrator is able to see how each task is progressing. Tasks may be added on a one-time basis, or recurring tasks may be added. Tasks may also be automated so that they are reset after a profile holder marks it/them as complete. You may track how much of your plan is complete, how much has been achieved, and how much is still left to do. The tool may be handy for people who need to formalize their production process a little more.

A medium-term planning tool

The trick is to have each staff member concentrate on one task and run it through to completion. However, even though that is the preferred planning model when using Flowmotor, it does allow you to set numerous tasks at one time for each team member. The tool suits software/application developers who often need the help of numerous repeat collaborators in order to build their software or application. It may also suit smaller manufacturing companies too because of how it favours staff members doing one thing at a time.


  • Suitable for small development and manufacturing teams
  • You may also buy a licence for your server


  • Limited functions for users who have numerous tasks and deadlines
  • Very expensive and charged per user


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